A visit from our neighbour’s granddaughter Mair

I had the pleasure of accompanying Chris’s granddaughter Mair and her father Owen on a walk around our farm, Maire is a talented young photographer and writer and I look forward to seeing more of her work.

In Ireland places are often associated with individuals and Goleen Harbour, in my mind, will always be my Grandfather’s home. Recently I was invited by Matt to have a look around his project and to take some photographs. I was delighted to hear that my Grandfather’s new neighbour shares his environmental passion, which is what I believe Goleen Harbour could so benefit from.

Part of the mosaic of Heather, gorse and ling.
Part of the mosaic of Heather, Gorse and Ling.

The native Gorse, Heather and Ling are interwoven to produce a vibrant tapestry. The chirping Grasshoppers and bejeweled Dragonflies accompanied me on my brief walk around his land.

Dragonfly at rest
Dragonfly at rest

Armed with my camera, there was so much on show I just didn’t know where to look. A cluster of Cinnabar Moths on a Scabius, an elusive frog or even a minute green bug on a Bulrush.

Spot the green bug on the Bullrush
Frog in the grass
That elusive frog in the grass

I wish I had the extensive knowledge of my Grandfather and I would have been able to put names to all the flora and fauna I came across.

Tall towering Angelica, tiny winkles and with Choughs calling and soaring above our heads, the sights and sounds of Goleen Harbour are numerous and the coast is littered with fascinating nooks and crannies which are again full of life

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone

Matt’s enthusiasm for his project was inspiring as he pointed out the various locations for Domes and tents with dramatic views all the way to Cape Clear, the Fastnet Rock and with the possibility of whales in the distance. It was a pleasure to spend an afternoon in such a wonderful location, a familiar area from a new perspective.

I look forward to another opportunity to explore more of this area.

All photographs copyright Mair Kelly 2015

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