Time to get our kids out of their virtual worlds and into nature

It is one of our aims at Goleen Harbour to bring a greater appreciation and understanding of our environment to all our visitors. West Cork has the potential to be the Adventure Playground of Europe if we carefully and sustainably develop environmentally friendly activities like, Kayaking, Cycling, Walking, Surfing, Archery, Climbing, Co-Steering etc. At Goleen Harbour we will be offering most of these along with low ropes, raft building, fire making, assault courses, water pistol battles and Outdoor Classroom sessionsRead more

Eyes of Iron

There are 9 of these eyes down our side of Goleen Harbour, with several on the West side. I’m told they were used to maneuver and turn the sail powered delivery boats bringing coal and other goods to Sheehan’s store in the village. It must have been quite a site, but a fairly common one in the many tight harbours around the shores of West Cork now part of the Wild Atlantic Way.Read more