Southern Star Article

We’re in the paper today but we’re not an Eco Village ! It should have said Eco Tourism… Here’s the full article I submitted. SOUTHERN STAR CLIMATE CHANGE INTERVIEW *When and why the Goleen Harbour story started? What was your motivation to embark on such a plan?  The idea for Goleen Harbour came about in summer 2014 when I was out cycling and followed a for sale sign for a coastal farm with period ruin. I cycled up the farmRead more


People ask why we are doing this, for my part anyway part of the reason I came to Ireland was as a Bristol based Graphic Designer I was becoming less and less comfortable with the way my industry was promoting and in turn propagating mass consumption and Western consumerism.  I wanted a change, I was fortunate enough to be at the forefront of the beginning of Mountain Biking in the UK in the mid 80’s. I was one of theRead more

A piece about our wonderful neighbour

Let me tell you about our neighbour Chris Jepson. Chris truly is a country man of the old style but also a man of the sea, he has tremendous knowledge of birds, trees and plants along with legendary fish smoking skills. I have been told by locals that he did a fantastic job of bringing up his 4 children Kate, Emma, Andrew and Sarah Jane by himself, that they had the best packed lunches and numerous adventures. The way intoRead more

New Marin bikes for the 2017 hire fleet

For the new season we are expanding our range of Marin hire bikes, our Gestalt 1’s proved popular last year and this year we are moving up the range with the Award Winning Gestalt 2 here’s what Bicycling Magazine said Garnering such praise as “smooth and lively,” “I could ride this bike forever,” and “wow, just wow,” the Marin Gestalt 2 surprised us with an astonishing versatility beyond that of a regular road bike. (The $1,209 price tag didn’t hurtRead more

Horses for Gorses

Gorse or Furze as it is commonly known here is a highly nutritious, protein filled plant that was commonly fed to horses in winter here in West Cork and all over Ireland. It was harvested and chopped with a Furze machine, you occasionally see them around still painted up as ornaments I have one myself. Our horses and ponies are tucking into the gorse at the moment and I’m delighted to see it as I know it is nutritious andRead more

Connemara Ponies

At Goleen Harbour Farm we keep Connemara Ponies for breeding, Connemara’s are classified as an Irish Rare Breed and it is our aim to breed Performance foals but of old type breeding our foundation mare Kildromin Katie above is a great example of a true type Connemara, they are a hardy breed, easy to keep, friendly and light on the ground. Olive in the feature image is a Blue Eyed Cream, she too has great breeding and when put toRead more

The dance of the Dragonfly

Highland Darter Dragonflies we have quite a few at Goleen Harbour, the video show’s the females laying their eggs, whilst in flight in our new pond with the help of the males. We counted about 8 pairs all together.Read more

A visit from our neighbour’s granddaughter Mair

I had the pleasure of accompanying Chris’s granddaughter Mair and her father Owen on a walk around our farm, Maire is a talented young photographer and writer and I look forward to seeing more of her work. In Ireland places are often associated with individuals and Goleen Harbour, in my mind, will always be my Grandfather’s home. Recently I was invited by Matt to have a look around his project and to take some photographs. I was delighted to hearRead more