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About Us

Founded by Matt & Melanie in 2015 Goleen Harbour aims to get you back into nature and off your screens as much as possible! Our farm is the perfect place to slow down and re-connect with nature and the elements...

Organic Vegetables from Organic Farm in Goleen Harbour

Naturally grown organic vegetables that you’ll find in the best local eateries

The fresh and wholly organic vegetables that we grow right here on the Farm at Goleen are used by chefs at some of the finest local eateries, such as The Crookhaven Inn, O’Sullivans and Notages,  Heron’s Cove, and The Barley Cove Beachbar.

Organic Vegetables from Organic Farm, Goleen Harbour, Co.Cork

Our on-site farm shop selling our delicious homegrown produce

We also have a small farm shop, with an honesty box system, here on the farm so guests or local visitors can buy the freshest homegrown, organic vegetables, to cook up a storm. Trust us, there is no comparison between the favours of our vegetables and the ones you will find in your local supermarket.

Organic Apples, Farm in Goleen 

A wonderful little orchard producing the juiciest of apples!

Then there’s our little orchard, producing the juiciest and most flavoursome of apples. We started this orchard project back in 2015 and now, 7 years later, our trees are delivering on the fruits of our labour.

Pony in Goleen

Our native Irish rare breed Connemara ponies and traditional Irish Sport Horses

Finally, as animal lovers, we adore our horses and Connemara ponies, and we have no doubt you will too. As you wander on your morning or evening stroll, you’ll see them enjoying their wonderful natural environment, which is conducive to having happy, healthy animals.

Bees on Honeycomb

Our own natural Goleen Harbour honey, made by our happy bees

Here on the farm, we also produce Goleen Harbour Organic Honey and are working with commercial Bee-Keeper Mark Newham and his daughters, of Coolmore Bees.

Mark has many hives around Goleen and says they thrive in this area. One of the reasons, he believes, is that there is a natural antibiotic found in Fuchsia, which is in abundance here in West Cork.

As a result, Mark approached us about the idea of keeping bees on the farm, and our hives of the native Black bee (Apis Mellifera) have been a great addition both from an environmental and culinary perspective.

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    • What an amazing place to stay. From the moment we arrived, it was stunning. Matt was brilliant for suggestions of places to visit and his knowledge of the area. We had a fantastic hike around the land, learning about nature, Wildlife and all the future plans in store for this amazing place. We toured the Harbour and saw Mel’s beautiful garden, ponies, bee hives and breathtaking views.
      Can’t wait to visit again and see how all the future plans progress. Wish you success and thanks for a great stay.

      Siobhán Gibbons

    Sea Adventures, Goleen, West Cork