EcoCabin Goleen Harbour


As you can see above our new EcoCabins are indicative of our approach to sustainability. Constructed from sustainable materials, well-insulated and sat on ground screws for minimal damage to biodiversity, they tread lightly on the earth. If you took them away you'd hardly notice they'd been there!

Matt talking at Electric Picnic
Matt talking at Electric Picnic’s Global Green Area in 2011

From the start, Goleen Harbour has the protection of the environment and its biodiversity at its core, in 2016 we chose Archery Tag as our combat sport as unlike paintball etc. it leaves no trace. We purchase from local and sustainable sources as much as possible from the Native Irish Douglas Fir used in the barrel top post and beam construction to the Irish-made, very comfortable, Respa mattresses used throughout their accommodation units. They farm Organically, uses very little fertiliser from outside using a closed loop nutrient cycle. The biodiversity of the farm has been hugely improved by the planting of around 10,000 native trees. Goleen Harbour has invested heavily in a Zero Carbon district heating system, at present fuelled by Irish made wood pellets, and will soon be offering Zero Carbon holidays, events and weddings!

Matt & Melanie - Goleen Harbour
Matt & Melanie in their Native Woodland

From 2023 Goleen Harbour will be partnering with their friends at Hometree who like themselves believe in the importance of purchasing and rehabilitating existing Spruce plantations and bringing them to a point of optimum biodiversity through introducing broadleaves etc. in addition to planting new woodlands. We will be offering our guests the chance to offset some of their carbon by donating to an annual fund for Hometree.

We have well water on site and strongly discourage our guests from bringing single-use plastic on site and encourage them to follow our “Leave No Trace” policy.

As strong believers that without vibrant healthy communities we don’t have a sustainable future Matt, Melanie and their advisor/investors are also developing a Social Enterprise that aims to support Neuro Diverse young adults’ transition from home to the workplace.


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  • Horses in Goleen Harbour
  • Wooden Beam, Goleen Harbour
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  • I love taking a break in the cabins at Goleen Harbour. Matt, Melanie and all the team are excellent hosts, ensuring a stay in this stunning ecological sanctuary is always a magical experience. I first met Matt when he trained with Cultivate as a facilitator for our Community Powerdown course. After he delivered the 10 sessions to a group on the Sheep’s Head peninsula Matt co-founded a Local Producers Group with some of the participants. He is committed to local economic development and sustainability, which is evident in this world-class eco-tourism destination in Goleen, which Matt has designed to be as low carbon as possible. Whether you want to relax and wind down; get out and get active in nature; skill-up on one of the courses or treat yourself to a holistic treatment, Goleen Harbour is a place where you can experience it all.

    Davy Phillip Co-founder of Cultivate & The Village Cloughjordan

Sea Adventures, Goleen, West Cork