A piece about our wonderful neighbour

Let me tell you about our neighbour Chris Jepson. Chris truly is a country man of the old style but also a man of the sea, he has tremendous knowledge of birds, trees and plants along with legendary fish smoking skills. I have been told by locals that he did a fantastic job of bringing up his 4 children Kate, Emma, Andrew and Sarah Jane by himself, that they had the best packed lunches and numerous adventures. The way into the Jepson property is across our strand at the head of Goleen Harbour which is covered by the incoming sea at around high tide, the girls have told me when returning from school they remember being picked up by punt or Chris coming across in his chest high waders and carrying them back to dry land.

Although in his mid 80’s he still gardens and has a very neat productive veg patch, an electric bike keeps him mobile and he looks after his retired lurchers with the kindness and respect built up over years.

As Chris’s son in law Owen says in this wonderful article about the man all 4 children returned back to Goleen, I’m sure their father is a large part of the reason why!


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