Horses for Gorses

Gorse or Furze as it is commonly known here is a highly nutritious, protein filled plant that was commonly fed to horses in winter here in West Cork and all over Ireland. It was harvested and chopped with a Furze machine, you occasionally see them around still painted up as ornaments I have one myself. Our horses and ponies are tucking into the gorse at the moment and I’m delighted to see it as I know it is nutritious andRead more

Connemara Ponies

At Goleen Harbour Farm we keep Connemara Ponies for breeding, Connemara’s are classified as an Irish Rare Breed and it is our aim to breed Performance foals but of old type breeding our foundation mare Kildromin Katie above is a great example of a true type Connemara, they are a hardy breed, easy to keep, friendly and light on the ground. Olive in the feature image is a Blue Eyed Cream, she too has great breeding and when put toRead more

The dance of the Dragonfly

Highland Darter Dragonflies we have quite a few at Goleen Harbour, the video show’s the females laying their eggs, whilst in flight in our new pond with the help of the males. We counted about 8 pairs all together.Read more

The best cycling roads in Ireland on our doorstep…

Above is the view from close to the top of a long climb (Cat 3) out of Goleen village, looking South to Cape Clear Island and the iconic Fastnet Rock Lighthouse I do believe we have arguably the best road riding in Ireland in terms of the combination of scenery, terrain and low traffic volumes. Ok so the surfaces are not great, personally I use a Cyclocross bike which gives me the option of taking the odd bog road andRead more

One of our farming Heroes

Joe Salatin in an inspiration to us he proves that Permaculture is a winner for food production, he is the owner and Farmer of Polyface Farms in Swoope, Virginia. In 1961, the Salatins bought and restored an old farm in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. Mr. Salatin is a third generation farmer whose farm helps to support three thousand families, fifty restaurants, and ten retail outlets through various programs and buying clubs. He is the author of several booksRead more

Goleen Harbour @ Electric Picnic

Matt is helping out with Production at Global Green and hosting a discussion entitled Surfing the Waves of Change with his friends Davie Phillip & Fergal Smith here’s the programme text: Surfing the Waves of Change How do we navigate change, have impact and remain buoyant in the face of so many challenges? Professional surfer Fergal Smith (Moy Gardens); Davie Philip (Cultivate, Cloughjordan Ecovillage), one of the UK’s best skateboarders in the 80s; and Matt Mills (Goleen Harbour), an early champion mountain biker, discuss their currentRead more

Time to get our kids out of their virtual worlds and into nature

It is one of our aims at Goleen Harbour to bring a greater appreciation and understanding of our environment to all our visitors. West Cork has the potential to be the Adventure Playground of Europe if we carefully and sustainably develop environmentally friendly activities like, Kayaking, Cycling, Walking, Surfing, Archery, Climbing, Co-Steering etc. At Goleen Harbour we will be offering most of these along with low ropes, raft building, fire making, assault courses, water pistol battles and Outdoor Classroom sessionsRead more

Eyes of Iron

There are 9 of these eyes down our side of Goleen Harbour, with several on the West side. I’m told they were used to maneuver and turn the sail powered delivery boats bringing coal and other goods to Sheehan’s store in the village. It must have been quite a site, but a fairly common one in the many tight harbours around the shores of West Cork now part of the Wild Atlantic Way.Read more

Signs of change…

Our neighbour Chris is the kind of man you can listen to all day, he is hugely knowledgeable about plants and the environment, he used to be a fisherman mainly for Salmon which he smoked, slowly, in the old fashioned way, many say it was the best in Ireland. He was talking about his time as fisherman and mentioned that all the gear he was using then was made from natural products and therefore was biodegradable not like today whenRead more