Sponsor Our Woodland

We know how important tree planting is to the environment and to our children’s future, this is your chance to plant some trees through us. We’ll be organising tree planting days at the end of Feb / early March so you’ll have the chance to plant your own trees. The woodland will also be accessible to the public as it’s on the public loop walk route we are developing right now.

Winter 2016/17 we planted a Native Woodland of almost 8000 Oak, Alder, Holly, Hawthorn, Hazel, Birch and Scots Pine. This was established through grant aid from The Native Woodland Scheme administered by The Forest Service. However these first 5 years are crucial to help the trees establish themselves and it is up to us to carry out maintenance, keeping the areas around the trees clear, labeling, creating paths and generally monitoring their progress. Last year a lot of you helped us grow our woodland by sponsoring the planting of an additional 1500 trees to replace our losses. This year we are going to plant another 600+, Sponsor some trees here 

It’s been a hard year for trees young and old with the very wet winter and early spring followed by a 6 week drought. This year we are introducing 100 Whitebeam to provide good shelter, they are salt and wind hardy and should really help in the exposed top field. We are also going to plant 100 Pedunculate Oak the kind of Oak tree that dominated Ireland’s ancient forests though it’s not as hardy as the Sessile Oak we have planted around 3500 of. The other varieties are 100 Sessile Oak, and 200 Common Alder, last years have done very well in the wetter areas.

You can sponsor a single tree for which we will add your name to our list of supporters, which will be produced as a sign in our main building when it is constructed.

Sponsor 10 trees and we’ll send you a 50% off voucher for one of our Mizen Adventures or Wild Nights Out activities or Bike Hire.

Sponsor 100 trees and we’ll send you a €50 off voucher for a stay with us.

If you’re a business you have a chance to get involved too last year the following

Deelish Garden Centre, Skibbereen, who have generously also donated other plants and trees to our project

Jorg’s Goldsmith Studio, Crookhaven,

Summer Sup School, Crookhaven

Barleycove Surf Camp, Barleycove

Sponsor some trees here