Archery Activities in Goleen, West Cork


Our activities have been chosen for maximum fun and minimum impact on our environment.

Archery in West Cork

Archery Tag

Whether you’re coming to stay at Goleen on a family break or visiting with a group of friends, Archery Tag is the perfect outdoor adventure activity that can be played by anyone aged 8 (minimum height limit 1.1m) and up.

If you haven’t played Archery Tag before, it’s a fast-growing combat sport that’s somewhere along the lines of ‘paintball meets dodgeball’. Essentially, the game involves firing arrows (not real ones you’ll be pleased to hear!) at your opponent, whilst trying your best to avoid being hit, by hiding behind inflatable bases.

Watch the video above to see what the game involves: trust us, it’s highly addictive and because it can be played in all weather, it’s a great way to spend a few hours, particularly if the weather is having a down day and is not conducive to sight-seeing.

Please Note: Archery Tag requires a minimum of 8 participants and a minimum fee of €200. Due to safety the sessions can not run in high wind or heavy rain.

  • 4 adults and 6 kids, sorry make that 10 kids (4 very big ones)! We had a great time at tag archery. Extremely competitive & adrenaline fueled action. We all enjoyed our games and are “quivering” to get back for more. Thanks guys!

    Tony Ramsey

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