Massage Treatments in Cork


Goleen Harbour is all about peace and tranquillity and having a little time to relax and reflect, far from the stresses of everyday life. So go on, treat yourself to one of our treatments, or relax in our outdoor hot tub.

Massage Treatments in Cork

Massage Therapies

I have been practicing multi-discipline bodywork / healing since 2004 and now work in Schull and Goleen Harbour, West Cork.

Oil massage on the table is a tailor-made session according to your needs, ie depth and pace or whether the clients’ needs are specific to pain and problems, or simply for relaxation. The treatments consist of full body deep tissue massage with trigger point therapy for the stubborn muscles and suction cupping. This combined with rocking relaxing harmonics, and Thai stretches all enable rebalancing and release within limbs, tissue and joints. Throughout the second part of the treatment, spine revitalisation is practiced, this being the heart of release… Communication with our central nervous system…..gentle but regular tractions within the spine allow and encourage your system to release and reprogramming to occur.

Thai Yoga massage received on a thin mattress on the floor clothed. The client relaxes while I take them through a succession of yoga stretches Leaving you aligned and relaxed.
Indian head massage is an hour-long treatment improving circulation and addressing issues relating to blocked energy. Indian head massage work’s on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face seeking out points that will help to reduce stress, fatigue, and eyestrain, increase mental clarity, this will both relax and rejuvenate the receiver.

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Massage Treatments in West Cork

Cupping Therapies

Cupping therapy uses suction cups first in a diagnostic way to measure levels of tension in the body, checking on the general systemic ability to soften and release. This is followed by some light strokes to encourage toxic release to move towards the Lymphatic zones of the body. Then some static cup placement which works on trigger point areas of condensed muscle tissue, joints that are seizing up and the stagnation of energy flow.

I aim for my treatments to be fully informative so that clients can learn a series of stretches which their body responds to, enabling them then to self treat at home, combined with dietary advice and lifestyle incentives to support the process of healing.

I find it essential that the nervous system receives full support in integrating this new information gathered from a session, the work is ideally about taking responsibility for our health and well being on an informed and inspired level.

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Melanie Furniss - Goleen Harbour

The gift of massage

Massage is a deeply healing form of connecting and understanding each other, to feel confident in an array of techniques to offer a friend or a loved one is a gift to both giver and receiver. I have worked as a Massage therapist since 2004 and my passion for connecting in this way only deepens

I teach Holistic whole body Massage, Deep tissue and Suction Cupping techniques to address deep tension and restrictions.

Also Facials with home made face packs from all natural materials and Indian head massage.

All of these techniques require in-depth exploration, time and sensitivity. Time spent with me on the farm learning some bodywork techniques would be considered  as taster sessions, giving a platform to develop further from. 

Book an accommodation option of your choice then we will decide on the modality that most suits your needs.

I operate from a purpose built cabin on the farm where a massage plinth/ towels/oils/cups/facial ingredients etc are available.

It is recommended that contact time of a minimum of 2 hours a day @ €70 an hour per couple would give you a basic starting point to go from.

Don’t forget as well as learning you will also be receiving body work, so relaxation is at the heart of the experience I offer.


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  • Melanie’s approach is so unique and exactly adapted to what the person needs to receive.

    Chinnamasta Stiles, International Wisdom Teacher of the Healing Science of Yoga, Ayurveda

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